FI Toolkit
For iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh
FI Toolkit is an app to assist with the pursuit of greater financial health and Financial Independence. The app calculates and plots net-worth that reflects your current financial status and projected cash flows. The app determines when Financially Independence could be achieved and how long your net-worth will last into retirement.

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You start by entering basic financial information, what you earn, what you save, and what you generally spend. With Financial Independence as the goal, the app projects forward in time to calculate and display your estimated future Account Balance (detailed in a chart and supporting Spreadsheet). By refining your inputs to reflect changes in your “Earn – Save – Invest” strategy, you can investigate the impact on a likely future Account Balance profile and estimate when your money will run out. The app provides a means to quickly model different lifestyle directions you may choose to pursue.

A few of the capabilities to help model your projected financial future includes:

  • Convenient input “sliders” for finance data entry
  • Informative articles about finance and Financial Independence
  • Entries for Cash, Portfolio (stocks), Tax Deferred, and Tax Free accounts
  • Social Security inputs for yourself and spouse
  • Multiple scenarios to explore alternate life choice directions
  • Detailed income and expense entries
  • Instant calculation and display of results (plot & spreadsheet formats)
  • Summary of the scenario and the computed results


  • Considers inflation factors
  • Makes allowances for an emergency fund
  • Determines contributions to retirement accounts
  • Compounds account balances
  • Estimates Federal and State taxes
  • Determine distributions for expenses during retirement
  • Computes Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

The app provides login security features (including FaceID) and synchronizes with your iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh devices. Your information is private to you and is not shared with anyone outside of the Apple secure enclave. The app is also ad-free, requires no subscription, and does not affiliate with any financial institutions selling products or services.


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FI Toolkit
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